Roar Motivation.

In today’s Britain, there’s plenty of greatness, vision and a wave of increasing movements. But life here also comes with challenge. At the heart of these challenges we are given the opportunity to realise our true power. Whether it’s a new season, work out, a personal or professional decision, it is finding this inner roar that can make the change happen.

Waking up to what needs changing, facing up to the daily challenges and doing what we do best, motivates our brand every day.

Based in London, when we aren’t working, you’ll see us training and playing in parks and gyms, keeping a balance to our lives and business, all whilst aiming to produce products to inspire a new level of daily living and performance. And in doing what we do best, and enjoy most, we will always be striving to improve our personal and product performance, season on season. Whether it’s a regular day, week night training, leagues with mates or professional matches and events, we will align roar products with the quality our lives and games deserve.

Founded in 2011, launching in 2017 and looking well beyond.

Allow The Power.

Roar Story.

1111, 2011

Founded in 2011.

Originally founded as a health and fitness movement in 2011, in line with the increasing changes and influences of the time. Due to the young age of the team gaining necessary experience globally, the roar was put on hold much to the benefit of the knowledge, passion and understanding the team can input into [...]